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Choosing the right dentist for you and your family can feel like a daunting task. In addition to the dentist and the services they provide, it’s important to learn about the in-house technology utilized by the dental office to serve their patients. Advanced dental technology can make a world of difference in the quality of dental care you receive from your dentist. Such tools can make appointments more efficient, provide same-day treatments, and make certain treatments less invasive and cost effective. At Sycamore Family Dentistry we offer our patients the latest in advanced dental technology and strive to provide our patients the best dental care. We serve patients all over the Livermore, CA area providing dental services including general, cosmetic, preventative, restorative, and emergency dentistry. As your dentist, Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino provides well-rounded care to all her patients by valuing the unique needs of all her patients and using the amazing tools at Sycamore Family Dentistry to ensure they receive the best care.

Technology Makes A Difference

Technology Makes A Difference

Sycamore Family Dentistry is equipped with cutting edge technology to better service our patients. Our goal is to make your experience during each appointment as stress-free and pleasant as possible. Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be stressful, instead we try to make all our patients feel comfortable and heard. We utilize a variety of digital technology to provide a better understanding of the state of your oral health and develop customized treatment plans to ensure greater efficiency during your appointment. Digital X-rays and intraoral cameras allow us to provide both Dr. Ross Tijerino and the patient an accurate understanding of dental issues. Intraoral cameras are an excellent tool in helping patients visualize conditions that will be treated by the dentist. When used in conjunction with digital X-rays, intraoral cameras can help both the dentist and patients see the ailments afflicting hard to reach areas in the mouth. 

Our office utilizes ground-breaking cavity detection technology called CariVu. CariVu is a revolutionary cavity detecting technology using transillumination to detect caries within multiple points of the tooth. Early cavity detection can prevent a larger dental issue in the future such as tooth decay or loss. Smaller restorations to caries caught before they spread allows the tooth to maintain proper function and prevents tooth loss in patients. Missing and decaying teeth lead to larger problems like pain, trouble chewing and speaking, as well as shifting of surrounding teeth, bone loss, and changes in facial structure. These larger issues require solutions like dental implants, or crowns and bridges, which are more costly and invasive. Don’t postpone dental appointments out of fear of what your dentist may discover. Take charge of your dental health and address issues before they grow into larger dental concerns.

Sycamore Family Dentistry utilizes a variety of tools like lasers, 3D dental imaging, and same-day crown technology to efficiently provide treatment during your appointment. We know your time is valuable and we strive to utilize the time during your appointments to provide you with the best care. Using the latest advanced dental technology can help minimize the invasiveness of procedures that otherwise would require more time and greater intrusiveness of the area. Greater efficiency and precision minimize post-treatment pain and healing time for our patients. If you are concerned about pain during your procedure, we offer varying degrees of sedation dentistry to help minimize pain and anxiety. Dr. Ross Tijerino and her team are highly trained and experienced having helped patients achieve healthy, bright smiles since 2002.

Trust Sycamore Family Dentistry to help you achieve your dental health goals! We supplement amazing dental services with a welcoming staff and ground-breaking technology to make your dental experience the best. Don’t put off addressing your oral health and make your smile a priority. Whether you are visiting us for general and preventative dentistry, addressing smile imperfections with cosmetic dentistry, or restoring your smile with amazing technology like dental implants, we are here for you. If you are worried about affordability, contact our team right away to discuss the financing options we have available through our office and third-party financing institutions. Meet our amazing team by scheduling your appointment today!