Are you wondering if we’re in network with your insurance provider?

It’s wonderful to have employer provided dental insurance. Whether or not we’re in network with your insurance company, our experienced staff is happy to submit required forms to your insurance company with any necessary attachments at no cost to you. If we’re not in network with your insurance company, the good news is that you’re not alone. We have hundreds of patients who feel that coming to our office is worth the little bit more that it costs to be out of network. Not to mention the hundreds more who have no insurance at all and still value our service enough to keep coming to see us.

It is important to know that dental insurance does not work like health insurance. Dental Insurance plans are more accurately referred to as Dental Benefit plans. Your insurance plan is a contract your employer entered into with the insurance company to provide a limited benefit to their employees based partially on the needs of the patient and partially on the insurance company’s bottom line. Some people either don’t realize this, or don’t see how this affects the quality of their health and let this contract determine which dentist they see and what treatment they will chose to do. So you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to chose your dentist and treatment based on a contract between your employer, who doesn’t know much about dentistry or the dentists in town, and an insurance company that is limited by economic factors. Do you want them telling you that you can’t have the cosmetic treatment you deserve? What if you want a certain kind of treatment, and they won’t cover it? Will you let them tell you you’re stuck with a less attractive option like silver fillings instead of tooth colored fillings?

The good news is that you can chose the dentist you want and you can chose the treatment you want. The difference between reimbursement in and out of network isn’t that big. If you have Delta Premiere, it’s a no-brainer. We’re in network and you should contact us today to schedule an appointment.

If we’re not in your network, come join hundreds of our other patients not in network, and all our patients without insurance, who feel it is worth the little bit extra for the outstanding service we provide. Also consider taking advantage of the Plan for Health (link) program for additional savings if your need exceeds your annual limit. We have financing options that can make it all affordable for you.

Our experienced staff has been working with insurance companies for years. We can work with the insurance companies to maximize your benefit whether or not we’re in network at no charge to you.So if you have insurance, we are happy to help you maximize the value you get out of it without compromising your health or desires. Contact us today to get started using your insurance benefits to meet your dental needs. Remember our financing options (CareCredit and iCare) and savings plan (Plan for Health)
to get the dentistry you deserve, need, and want with affordable payments.