What happens if I need emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a field of dental work focused on urgent care. Patients who need immediate attention for their smile will want to call an emergency dentist in their area to get same-day care whenever possible.

What happens during a dental emergency?

In case of a dental emergency, you must seek immediate attention from Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino of Sycamore Family Dentistry in Livermore, California. Ignoring or delaying treatment may lead to further complications and potentially more expensive procedures in the long run. Our practice has an after-hours call line for you to connect with a professional to receive instructions on how to manage your dental emergency.

When might I need urgent dental care?

There are many situations where you may need urgent dental care. Some common examples include:

  • Severe tooth pain. If you are experiencing an intense and persistent toothache and need emergency relief, you will want to seek immediate attention from a professional to determine if there is an infection or other serious issue at hand.
  • Broken or chipped teeth. Accidents can happen at any time, and if you have a tooth that is broken or chipped, you will need to seek urgent dental care to prevent the possibility of further damage or infections.
  • Lost or knocked out tooth. A tooth that has been completely knocked out of the socket will need to be tended to by a dentist as soon as possible to increase the chances of reattaching the tooth in the mouth.
  • Bleeding gum tissue. While minor bleeding when brushing and flossing may not typically be cause for concern, excessive or persistent bleeding of the gums might be signs of an infection that needs prompt attention.
  • Lost or damaged dental work. Fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations that are dislodged or damaged will need to be addressed with the help of a dental professional to protect the smile from potential problems.

Where can I find an emergency dentist near me?

Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino and her team at Sycamore Family Dentistry believe in providing the best care possible to new and returning patients, especially those who need urgent dental attention due to a dental emergency.

If you are in need of immediate dental care, call (925) 940-7770 to request a same-day appointment at 2620 First Street in Livermore, California. The office is open to those in Pleasanton, San Ramon, Tracy, Sunol, Mountain House, Blackhawk, Danville, Pittsburg, and Dublin, California.