What gum disease treatment is right for me?

When you receive a gum disease diagnosis from Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino of Sycamore Family Dentistry in Livermore, California, you may have specific questions about where to go from here. Gum disease treatment is a personalized process that depends on the severity of your condition. Let’s explore some possible options for gum disease treatment.

  • Scaling and root planing – Scaling and root planing is described as a deep cleaning procedure that targets the buildup of plaque, tartar, and bacteria beneath your gum line. During the scaling process, Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino will use special tools to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth and beneath your gums. Then, she will smooth out the rough surfaces of the roots of your teeth to prevent any further buildup and promote healing.
  • Antibiotics – In addition to treatments such as scaling and root planing, Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino may prescribe antibiotics to help fight off any remaining bacteria in your mouth. This reduces inflammation and promotes the healing of the gums.
  • Gum surgery – For severe cases of periodontal disease, gum surgery may be necessary. This involves removing infected tissue and reshaping the gums to promote better oral health. Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino will discuss all options with you and determine if gum surgery is the best course of action for your case.
  • Maintenance cleanings – Once you have received gum infection treatment, it is critical that you make good oral hygiene a priority and attend regular cleanings at Sycamore Family Dentistry. This will likely prevent a recurrence of gum disease in the future.
  • Home care – In addition to professional treatments, taking care of your teeth and gums at home is vital. Dr. Lori Ross Tijerino may recommend specific oral hygiene practices and products, such as using an antibiotic mouthwash after brushing and flossing, as an extra step towards protection.

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